Wolfgang Geyer has started 1978 as player in Tackle Football. He was captain of the Austrian national team for years and participated at the first EC 1983. Also he was an official on the highest international level, including some Euro Bowl finals and some college games in the USA. Coaching Tackle and Flag with the national team complete the jobs at the game site he made.

In the year 1998 he started to develop Flag Football in Austria and managed the FLA (Flag Liga Austria) since the beginning. Beside that he was part of the LOC for the first WC 2002 and EC 2003 for Flag held in Austria.

This big range of experience on and off the field brings a lot of knowledge into this position. To have a view as player, coach and official as well as manager and organisation member will help to fulfill the job.

‚I understand Flag as a partner for Tackle, not as opponent!”, he said. And asked about his goals he said: ‚To bring continuity in the development of European Flag Football and establish it in all countries as part of the football family.”
Pressemeldung EFAF

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