Schon voriges Jahr gab es dieses Match in der Vorbereitung. Damals gewannen die Monarchen gegen Wölfe ohne Offensive mit 14:9, heuer drehten die Ungarn den Spieß um.

Márton Dávid Iványi aus Bratislava.

This year the offense did better, the Wolves led 16:0 deep into the 3rd quarter. The Monarchs scored 12 points in a late surge but could not get into the end zone on their final drive.

In the first half the home team contributed greatly to the 0:9 halftime score by committing 70 yards worth of penalties. Gábor Sviatkó scored the opening points of the game with a field goal from 26 yards. Catching a 20 yard pass from Vasyl Jordan, Csanád Király shook off two defenders and ran 25 yards to the end zone in the middle of the second quarter. In the first half Monarchs QB Milan Múdry was intercepted twice.

In the third quarter after yet an other bad pass Balázs Ágota returned the ball 60 yards setting up Kiraly’s second TD. The extra point attempt was successful this time giving the Wolves a 0:16 lead. From the middle of the third quarter the Monarchs rebounded by completing passes in the end zone two times. In the Monarchs‘ final drive on 4th and 10 John Trikkas hit the Slovak receiver preventing the catch and assuring Hungarian victory.

The Wolves will be the last SELAF team to start their season; their first game will be on the 13th of May when they travel to Ljubljana for a game against the Silverhawks.

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