The IFAF Flag Football World Championship has been held since 2002 and is the showpiece event for senior national teams competing in 5-on-5 flag football and has separate competitions for men and women.  At the 2010 IFAF Flag Football World Championship played in Ottawa, Canada, the Canadian women and the United States men claimed the respective gold medals.

Sweden will host the next IFAF Flag Football World Championship in the summer of 2012.  The Swedish American Football Federation (SAFF) has recent experience of hosting IFAF events having been the venue for the first-ever IFAF Women’s World Championship in summer of 2010.

"The women’s championship was popular with fans and competitors and the American football community here in Sweden, so we are pleased to be welcoming the best flag football players in the world,"
said SAFF Director of Events MIKAEL ROOS.

Israel has been named the host of the 2014 IFAF Flag Football World Championship.  Although this will be the federation’s first time hosting an IFAF sanctioned event, Israel has many years of experience in organized Flag Football.

"It is an exceedingly proud moment for all of us in Israel to be awarded what we know we will be an incredible event," said Israel Football League Commissioner URIEL STURM"To bring the World Championships to the Holy Land is the continuation of a life-long dream for both our founder STEVE LEIBOWITZ and our close partners ROBERT AND MYRA KRAFT, and we thank IFAF for this wonderful privilege. We look forward to the perpetual growth of American football in Israel, and more than anything, we can’t wait to welcome the world in 2014!"

American Football in Israel is the government-recognized federation and enjoys a unique partnership with New England Patriots owner ROBERT KRAFT, who built the Kraft Family Stadium to benefit the growth of the sport in Israel.

The Israeli Women’s national team was established in 2002, and in 2005 the women shocked the flag football world with a first place finish at the 2005 Flag Oceane – one of the largest flag football tournaments in Europe.  In 2008, Israel participated in their first IFAF Flag Football World Championship claiming fifth place then in 2010, the Israeli men took ninth place and the women finished in fifth.

In 2016, another country will host its first-ever IFAF event when the 2016 IFAF World Flag Football Championship is held in the Bahamas.  The Bahamas American Football Federation (BAFF) became a member of the Pan-American Federation of American Football (PAFAF) and IFAF in 2008 and has previously entered international competition at the junior national level

"It is a tremendous honor, as a newer nation within the IFAF member federations, to be selected as the host nation," said LaLISA ANTHONY President of BAFF.  "The Bahamas is committed to the continued development and enhancement of the sport.  We are looking forward to hosting this great event and participating in as many IFAF events as possible."

The host countries for the Flag Football World Championships were decided during the IFAF Executive Meeting held on Wednesday, November 10.

"We are delighted that two of our younger federations have committed to hosting one of our showpiece tournaments," said IFAF President TOMMY WIKING "IFAF will continue to prosper through participation in competitions and it is important to host events in new venues throughout the world. Flag football is not only one of the game’s key grassroots initiatives that introduces young players to the game, but also provides an exciting challenge for top athletes participating in the non-contact version of football."

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