At the Extraordinary EFAF General Assembly – with 21 of 24 full members present – 13 members voted for a new plan of action and a new budget for EFAF in 2013, 8 members voting against.
EFAF has mentioned concerns to get insolvent by not being able to collect money from the fees paid by the clubs competing in the club team competitions. IFAF Europe stated to help EFAF to fullfil all ist contractional obligations.
Unfortunately all efforts of IFAF Europe regarding a smooth cooperation and transition for the remainder of the year 2012 as well as the whole year 2013 have been rejected by EFAF, so this e.o. GA had to take place and the cooperation had to be voted on:
  • EFAF – has the lead on EC-B Group 2013 in Italy and the EJC 2013 in Russia. IFAF Europe assures both host countries as well as EFAF full support in every aspect.
  • IFAF Europe – has the lead in Club Team Competitions in 2013.The scheduled meeting at November 17th at Milan will take place as scheduled, now headed by IFAF Europe.
  • All Game dates (weekends) and procedures as known and scheduled.
IFAF Europe hopes that EFAF will support IFAF Europe as IFAF Europe will do so for EFAF. All persons involved in club team competitions are cordially invited to join and cooperate. This is to include everybody and not exclude someone.
What could happen is that IFAF Europe may have to rename the competitions or some of them, as the German Federation AFVD (as far as we know) is owner of the naming rights regarding „EFL“ and “Eurobowl“ and could refuse to grant these rights under IFAF Europe`s leadership.
We prefer Football first and hopefully can put “political matters“ aside soon, and focus on further development and support of our beloved sport.
More detailed information to come. Yours sincerly,
Michael Eschlboeck, Chair
IFAF Europe 
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