A total of 18 countries are represented on committees responsible for competitions, marketing and sponsorship, media, medical and anti-doping, officials, rules, statutes and regulations, technical, youth, disciplinary and appeals. IFAF also established a task force aimed at securing IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognition.

Countries represented are: Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK and the United States.

IFAF also aims to create history by establishing the first Women’s World Championship of American Football and is considering hosting the inaugural event in either 2009 or 2010.

‚This is a very exciting concept and a tournament that I am sure will prove popular throughout the world,” said IFAF President Tommy Wiking. ‚Women’s tackle football is growing steadily in popularity and there is definitely enthusiasm among players for an international competition of the highest quality.”

Women’s leagues are firmly established in several countries such as the United States, Germany, Austria and Finland. On October 4 the women’s national teams of Finland and Sweden will meet in the Finnish capital Helsinki in a landmark first-ever international game between women’s American football national teams.

The IFAF Competitions Committee has opened the application process to host additional future world championship events during the next five years.

IFAF member countries are invited to apply to host the IFAF Senior Flag Football World Championship in 2010, 2012 and 2014, following a successful fourth bi-annual event that was played in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu Canada in July. Bids to host the 2009, 2011 and 2013 IFAF Under-15 Flag Football World Championship will also be considered, while IFAF is exploring the possibility of establishing a Junior Flag Football World Championship (aged 19 and under).
IFAF committee:

Roope Noronen, Finland, Chairman
Todd Bell, USA
Geoff Hiddleston, Australia
Shigeyuki Watanabe, Japan

Subcommittee for flag football
Mikael Roos, Sweden, Sub-Chairman
Greg Loughran, Ireland
Anders Normann, Denmark

Marketing and sponsors
Tommy Wiking, Sweden, Chairman
Damone Jones, USA
Steve Komnacki, Australia
Harry van den Boogaard, Netherlands
Richard Munro, Canada

Michael Preston, IFAF Director of Media, Chairman
Steve Alic, USA
Aleksander Rutkowski, Poland
Chris Gaughan, Ireland
Tammi Mitchell, Bahamas
Henrik Ornstroem, Denmark

Medical and anti doping
Garry Wilson, Australia
Peter Schönning, Denmark
Dr Takashi Kawahara, Japan
Christian Steiner, Austria
Dr Hakan Kalzén, Sweden

Tony Michalek, USA, Chairman
Einar Bolstad, Norway
Yoshiki Ito, Japan

Sub-Committee for flag football
Magnus Laugesgaard, Denmark

Rules of the game
KK Park, Korea, Chairman
Nick Inzerello, USA
Jim Briggs, UK

Sub-Committee flag rules
Wolfgang Geyer, Austria
Open spot for Canada, TBD

Statutes and regulations
Michel Daum, France, Chairman
Matt Sicchio, USA

Scott Hallenbeck, USA, Chairman
Thomas Ahlberg, Sweden
Paul Manera, Australia
Aitor Trabado, Spain
Reneldo Russell, Bahamas
Jim Messenger, UK
Rick Sowieta, Canada
Dr Makoto Kaneuji, Japan

Hidetsugu Hirai, Japan, Chairman
Peter Upham, Australia
Javier Carrasco, Spain
LaLisa Anthony, Bahamas
Mark Meana, USA

Werner Raabe, Austria, Chairman
Enrique Garcia de Castro, Spain
Arik Bredendiek, Germany

Dietrich E. Stolze, Germany, Chairman
Jedrzej Steszewski, Poland
Darrin Mitchell, Australia

IOC recognition task force
Robert Huber, Germany
Tommy Wiking, Sweden
Michel Daum, France
Scott Hallenbeck, USA
Christian Bergan, Norway
Richard Munro, Canada

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