To promote the sport of American Football in Italy and to support the reintegration of Italy in the system of the European and International Sports Community EFAF Board of Directors appoints a EFAF Country Administrator/ EFAF Observer for Italy: Italian Interim American Football Administration (‚IIAFA”):

1. The EFAF Ad hoc Studying Group on the Italian situation is assigned as IIAFA.

2. The IIAFA has the right to represent the sport of American Football in Italy as whole country towards EFAF and IFAF.

3. The IIAFA has the right to assign teams from Italy (club or national teams) to European Competitions.

4. The IIAFA is the governing national body of Italy unless EFAF recognizes a different organization.

5. The IIAFA will offer its good service to the Italian American Football Community to re-establish ONE national federation in Italy.

6. The task of IIAFA is provisionary and on interim base until ONE national federation in Italy is recognized by EFAF or until EFAF Board of directors decides to end the IIAFA.

The situation of Italy will be re-evaluated on October 11h, 2008 at EFAF Board of Directors meeting.

Robert Huber
EFAF President
Roope Noronen
EFAF Senior Vice President

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