Hier die Liste aller Camp Teilnehmer:

1. Peter Kramberger (AUT)
2. Gábor Sviatkó (HUN)
3. Ádám Sviatkó (HUN)
4. Miklós Stumpf (HUN)
5. Tino Gasser (CH)
6. Lajos Vörös (HUN)
7. Márk Benke (HUN)
8. Tilman Fecke (GER)
9. Srdjan Bojic (SCG)
10. Péter Sipiczki (HUN)
11. Jens Alnervik (SWE)
12. Wilhelm Krapfl (AUT)
13. Ronald Hein (NED)
14. Thierry de la Mar (NED)
15. Aleksander Radovanovic (SCG)

Wegbeschreibung (von Gábor Sviatkó)
9th district, Üllői út 137. The field is right NEXT TO a McDonald’s. You have to enter through a gate where there is an old building, the field is right behind it in a valley. On the building, there is a sign that says BUDAPEST COWBOYS in blue and the house number is right above it. This field in only about 500m away from the Budapest Wolves stadium.

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