Die Italiener besiegten im entscheidenden Gruppenspiel Großbritannien knapp mit 20:16, die Dänen ließen Tschechien keine Chance und gewannen 34:0. Die Briten und Tschechen spielen damit um Platz 3, Serbien spielt gegen Spanien um den Abstieg. Das Finale wird am Samstag ab 18:00 Uhr auf Eurosport2 und im Live Ticker von FA zu sehen sein.

B-EM 2013
Tschechien vs. Dänemark 0:34
4. September 2013 16:30 Uhr, Vigorelli Stadion Mailand
B-EM 2013
Großbritannien vs. Italien 16:20
4. September 2013 21:00 Uhr, Vigorelli Stadion Mailand
Spielplan B-EM 2013
Alle Spiele finden im Mailänder Stadion Vigorelli statt. 
31. August 2013
16:30 Uhr: Dänemark vs. Serbien 38:10
21:00 Uhr: Italien vs. Spanien 55:7
2. September 2013
16:30 Uhr: Serbien vs. Tschechien 9:13
21:00 Uhr: Großbritannien vs. Spanien 58:6
4. September 2013
16:30 Uhr: Tschechien vs. Dänemark 0:34
21:00 Uhr: Großbritannien vs. Italien 16:20
7. September 2013
10:00 Uhr: Relegation: Spanien vs. Serbien
14:00 Uhr: Spiel um Bronze: Großbritannien vs. Tschechien
18:30 Uhr: Finale: Italien vs. Dänemark
Pressemeldung EFAF:
Italy and Denmark will play for the sixth spot in the European Championships in Austria. The national teams from both countries advanced to the final game of the EC B pool tournament at Milan and will face each other on September 7 at Milan’s Vigorelli Velodrome at 6 p.m. CET. Before the final game on the same day Serbia and Spain will determine who will defend B pool membership for the next EC cycle in the game for places five and six at 10 a.m., and Great Britain and the Czech Republic will play for third place at 2 p.m.
Denmark made it to the final game with considerable ease winning the decisive match in group B against the Czechs by 34-0. While in 2009 both teams had split victories during the last EC B pool tournament and Denmark only had a small edge this time the Danes dominated not only offensively but especially on defense. Based on their 17-0 halftime advantage the game was decided in the third quarter when quarterback Kasper Skyum connected twice with Aske Troen Klixbüll for touchdown passes. „Our defense was on a strong level, our offense was very productive, all of which gives us confidence for the next match", said Denmark’s Head Coach Lars Carlsen.
However the Danes will have to overcome a lot more than until now when they face the hosts from Italy. These played a very close game against the British, who fought hard to get back into the EC A pool, from where they were relegated in 2010. For most part of the game Italy was a slightly better team offensively, but when it came to scoring, the hosts failed on a number of occasions or had to settle for field goals. So it was the British to score the first touchdown for a 9-6 lead and later on in the fourth quarter to rebound from a 9-13 deficit to regain the lead. Trailing 13-16 Italy had to go for a touchdown as a tie would have benefitted the Brits, but again the Italian offensive efforts fell short at first. But with 84 seconds remaining in the game Italy’s offense got a last shot from its own 9-yard-line, and this time the „blue team“ delighted the enthusiastic crowd of their 3,500 dedicated supporters. Two long passes from quarterback Tommaso Monardi to Rocky Ciasulli set up the last-minute touchdown to seal the win for Italy.
The stage is set for a spectacular final game. The Italians will again be fired up by a big home crowd in the stands, eager to return to the A pool and to link back to their tradition of the 80’s and 90’s, when they were an European powerhouse. The Danes can join the A pool for the first time and will try do do much better in a final game against the hosting country than 2009 when they had to take a loss against Austria. The game will be broadcasted live to the whole of Europe on Eurosport 2.
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