At 2 p.m. on June 29, IFAF U-19 WC 2016 had a grand opening ceremony in Harbin University of Commerce. This is the first time for China to hold such an international American football event. After Opening Ceremony of this WC, the opening match was started between China and Australia.
At 15:13 p.m., Australian players started warming up. They were tall and strong and aroused bursts of cheers in the audience. At 15:25 p.m., Chinese players from Zhengding Middle School in Hebei province entered the field. They were dressed in dark red outfits, being in high spirits. In the meantime, all the audiences cheered up and together shouted, ‘China, goal!’ The HUC stadium was full of cheers and applauses.
At 15:50 p.m., the game started. After two hours of fierce battle, Team Australia defeated Team China at a distinctive score of 72:0 and gained their first victory of this WC.
During the game, several Chinese players were injured, but they didn’t give up and won the respect and appreciation of audiences as well as their opponent. At the following press conference, Australian coach said that Chinese players had great potentiality and would make continued progress in the future. Chen Siyu, the coach of Team China expressed his thanks to Australian coach for his high evaluation. He said that the team China was established in a short time and their current level still had a long distance to the other great teams’ in the world. The team China would spare no efforts for better results later.
U19 WM
Australien vs. China 72:0

MI 27. Juni 2016 10:00 Uhr, Universität Harbin (CHN)

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