Budapest Hurricanes started the game, but there were no points from the first attacking drive. After that also the Invaders offense failed to score and they were forced to punt. After a muffed punt by Bálint Slézia the home team re-acquired the ball and the could attack again. The St. Pölten couldn’t take the advantage of good field position, because Kristóf Szakács catched the pass of Andreas Jungblut. That was the third interception of Hurricanes‘ cornerback in the season. It seamed the Hungarian team will able to make points following the takeaway, but the drive was stopped at the half of the field.

In the rain the ball was pretty slippery what effected many fumbles. After a bad handoff Bence Kovács recovered a bouncing ball. In this drive the runs of Dávid Danku resulted first downs. The Hurricanes offense stuck at the red zone of Invaders. The Hurricanes put the first points on the board with a 26 yard field goal of Kristóf Szakács‘ (0:3).

The Austrian team gived back the right of offense with a three and out to the Hungarian team, who immediately got points: Márk Bencsics after 70 yard running acquired the first touchdown and with successful extra point the standing was changed to 0:10.
The following drive of the Invaders offense ended up again with fumble, defensive lineman István Bittner collected the loose ball. Because of the pressure of the weather and the Hurricanes defense, the home team made mistakes, commited a lot of personal faults both on offense and defense. Due to this the Hurricanes offense were on the Invaders‘ side. They took advantage of this perfect field position and Ádám Elek scored the next touchdown with a 33 yard pass by Márk Bencsics. The extra point was good, too, so the Hungarian team grew the difference (0:16). The first half of the game ended with this score.

The rain didn’t stop during the break, so the second half begun with even worse field conditions. The Invaders started with a long return, and at the end of the 25 yard long drive Christian Hasenzagl scored a rushing touchdown. The Invaders tried to convert two extra points but the pass was incomplete, so the scores remain 6:16. After that Hurricanes drove a long drive and got to the red zone of the Invaders. Unfortunately they failed to score but the drive burned a lot of time what was unfavorable for the home team.

The next drives were scoreless for both teams. The Invaders made mistakes again and lost the ball on their own side. The fumble was recovered again by István Bittner. The result of this possession were another points: Dávid Danku was running through defensive players from 19 yard to the end zone of the Invaders. This touchdown and the successful PAT set the final result: Budapest Hurricanes defeated Generali Invaders 6:23. (Bea Letenyei/Márk Bencsics Photos: Péter Bratincsák)
Division 2
Generali Invaders St. Pölten vs. Budapest Hurricanes 6:23
SA 12. Mai 2012 | 16:00
Ottakringer Field | St. Pölten 

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