Es geht darin um die Vorkommnisse beim IFAF Kongress in Canton Ohio am vergangenen Wochenende.
Wenig überraschend widerspricht dieses Schreiben voran gegangenen von einer nicht offiziellen IFAF Adresse.
Der neue Präsident hiesse Roope Noronen. Die IFAF habe seit Anfang Juli keinen Zugang mehr zu ihrem Twitter Account. Die Webdomäne des Verbandes war und bleibe
Es wird darin auch einer offiziellen Stellungnahme des deutschen Verbandes widersprochen, die völlig andere Teilnehmerzahlen ausgibt. So wären 35 Mitgliedsverbände dabei gewesen, 19 hätten Noronen gewählt und 16 seien ausgezogen um Wiking im Amt zu bestätigen. Laut den Deutschen wären 22 Verbände mit ihnen ausgezogen. Die Namen wurden nicht genannt und auch eine Anfrage unsererseits blieb unbeantwortet.
Das Schreiben von IFAF Managing Director Andy Fuller im Wortlaut:
Dear all,
Over the past 48 hours I have received requests to provide clarity on a series of issues relating to the events of last week. As such I write to inform you of key information that we believe should be communicated to you as member representatives of IFAF.
Firstly, in organising the Congress attendance I received representation from 35 nations which were due to attend.
Secondly, it is important that we clarify Mr. Roope Noronen was elected IFAF President by a unanimous vote at the IFAF Congress and will remain at the helm until the 2016 IFAF Congress, which will elect a President for a four-year term.
The Congress elected Ms. Minette Rogner, President of the Swedish American Football Federation (SAFF) as IFAF Secretary and she will also serve on the IFAF Executive Board.
he official IFAF Congress Minutes were shared with IFAF member federations by President Roope Noronen.
The date and venue for the 2016 IFAF Congress has not been confirmed.
I have previously highlighted that IFAF does not control the @IFAFOfficial Twitter account. Prior to Congress I also highlighted that I had concerns about other web domain names being positioned as representing the organisation, something which it appears has now happened.
Email dated July 2nd:
Please also note that the official IFAF domain is
No other domain involving the 4 simple initials ‚IFAF‘ is endorsed by IFAF at present nor is it used for official IFAF business.  

Meeting at the 18th annual IFAF Congress were representatives of 19 federations: Australia, Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Serbia, Sweden and the United States.
Additional IFAF federations had indicated they would be present at Congress and some of that number chose to leave the room that was the venue for the Congress before Congress was officially opened.  In keeping with promoting transparency within IFAF, which was discussed during the IFAF Congress, events happened as follows:
A seat at the head table, reserved for the Executive Board and heads of IFAF Continental Federations, was not reserved for Mr Tommy Wiking. The Executive Board earlier this year accepted Mr Wiking’s resignation.
Before the Congress was officially opened, some federations communicated their opinion that Mr Wiking should be seated at the top table.
Once the reason for a seat not being available was explained, a group of members walked out of the meeting room and did not remain in the Congress.
The following member federations indicated they would attend the IFAF Congress but did not do so, either because they walked out of the meeting room, or did not make it to the meeting: Belgium, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Philippines, Qatar, Switzerland and Turkey.
Those member federations who walked out of the meeting room are believed to have held an independent meeting, and during that time, the results of that meeting were conveyed through the @IFAFofficial twitter account or via other means.
The IFAF Executive Board welcomes any question you may have, which should be directed to IFAF President Roope Noronen.

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