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02.04.2015 19:03

Polish player signs with NFL's Vikings

On Thursday, March 26, Babatunde Aiyegbusi, a member of the Polish National Team, signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings, a team in the National Football League (NFL).

Babatunde Aiyegbusi signs with the Minnesota Vikings.

The NFL is the world's foremost American football league. Aiyegbusi is the first Polish player to make his way to the NFL after beginning his adventure on the fields of the Polish League of American Football (PLFA).

Affectionately known as “Babs”, Aiyegbusi plays one of the sport's most important positions, left tackle on the offensive line, meaning he is usually responsible for protecting the blind side of the quarterback. Babs caught the eyes of NFL scouts at last week's Pro Day in San Antonio thanks to his massive 6'9'' (205 cm), 351-pound (159 kg) frame. After training and drills there, Babs was invited to a private workout with the Vikings, who almost immediately signed him to a contract.

“I just spoke to Babs,” reported PLFA President Jędrzej Stęszewski. “In his usual style, he told me that he'll be up to the task when he has to take on JJ Watt, the NFL's best defender.”

“Babs's contract is simply something from out of this world,” continued Stęszewski. “I might quote Krystian Zimerman, who reacted to the news of Rafał Blechacz's victory at the International Chopin Piano Competition in 2005 with the comment, 'Man, you messed up good!'”.

“I am glad the Vikings coaches were able to recognize in Babs his conditioning and physical aptitude, combined with his fighting spirit and versatility. A lot of hard work is in front of him, particularly as one of the few players who didn't spend time in the NCAA athletic league. We are very proud of Babs. When he flew to Texas a few days ago, Poland's entire American football community had their fingers crossed for him. Now we can look forward to watching his career progress over the next few years,” Stęszewski concluded.

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