This College Football weekend is the best of the season so far. This Saturday is the first to contain numerous "separation" games. So called "separation" because the winners of these contests separate themselves at the top of their respective conferences. While the losers will be left hoping that their opponents lose in the future to give them a chance to get back in the race.
Last weekend the Oregon Ducks suffered a crushing double-overtime defeat to the Washington State Cougars 45-38. Late in the fourth quarter the Ducks led by 10 points but WSU was able to tie the game on the last play of regulation and then win in the second overtime.
Here is a short highlight video of the game

This weekend the Ducks travel to Seattle to face their rivals the Washington Huskies. With the Ducks down and having suffered three losses already, the Huskies smell blood. For those of you who like motivational videos I’m presenting two versions. The first is this year’s video, the second from 2010 is old school. Just like everything at Oregon motivational video styles evolve too.


Mike Resch reporting from Eugene Oregon where it never rains, it only pours touchdowns.

Here’s a list of the best college games of the weekend. All times are USA Eastern Standard Time (EST)
October 17 
18:00 #17 Iowa (6-0 Big-10) vs. #20 Northwestern (5-1 Big-10)
21:30 #10 Alabama (5-1 SEC) vs. #9 Texas A&M (5-0 SEC)
21:30 #7 Michigan State (6-0 Big-10) vs. #12 Michigan (5-1 Big-10)
01:00 #8 Florida (6-0 SEC) vs. #6 LSU (5-0 SEC)
01:30 USC (3-2 Pac-12) vs. #14 Notre Dame (5-1 Independent)
02:00 Penn State (5-1 Big-10) vs. #1 Ohio State (6-0 Big-10)
04:00 Arizona State (4-2 Pac-12) vs. #4 Utah (5-0 Pac-12)

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