It all started as a rainy day in Prague, but when the ball was kicked off, the weather was already clear. Maybe the score doesn’t seem like that, but it was the game of defenses on both sides.
Prague sarted the game better and after two Touchdown Passes from Luke Zahradka to, statistic leader from last year, Jan Dundacek and Daniel Krsak, when the score was 13:0 (PBP missed one extra point kick). Scoreboard at halftime stopped at 20:6 for PBP after TD run from PBP import Jason Simpson, who played both sides of the ball, and TD pass from Dragons QB Londry-Jackson to his WR Johannes Prammer (PBP blocked Dragons extra point attempt).
Both defenses dominated in the second half and both teams scored only one TD. For PBP it was again Zahradkas number one target Dundacek and on the Dragons side it was Felix Reisacher. After two point conversion pass to Johannes Prammer the score stopped at 27:14 for PBP.
Dragons HC Ivan Zivko: "Both defenses played pretty good. It was really tough game for our team. We had a lot of oppurtunities in the red zone, but we dropped few TD passes. Nothing just happened in our offensive game. We also had 5 key players injured."
PBP HC Jim Ward: "There is no such a thing as ugly win. Every win is beautiful. We played hard, but we also made a few mistakes in secondary. We will correct these mistakes at practices next week and get better. We have got another game in czech league tomorrow, so lets go – two days two wins!"
Damit bleiben die Wiener mit drei Niederlagen Tabellenschlusslicht der AFL. Prag hat sich mit dem Sieg auf den zwischenzeitlichen sechsten und damit letzten Wild Card-Platz gesetzt.
Prague Black Panthers vs. Danube Dragons 27:14
SA 16. April 2016 16:00 Uhr, Atleticky Stadion Slavia Prag

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