The USC Oregon match-up in the LA Coliseum was a game for the record books. Oregon won 63-51. SIXTY-THREE points are the most points allowed by the USC Trojans EVER! On the way the Oregon offense accumulated 730 yards, most against USC EVER! Kenjon Barner, Oregon’s senior running back carried the ball 38 times for 321 yards and 5 TDs. That’s an Oregon record.
Although the Ducks were clearly in control of the game, the Trojans made a good effort to keep up. Here is a quick summary of the game.
Here’s another summary that includes interviews of Kenjon Barner, his best friend 49er LaMichael James and QB Marcus MariOta.
Next up for the Ducks are the California Golden Bears. At 3-7 the Bears are having a tough year. Most likely the Ducks will continue to roll. Here’s a description of the Oregon offense written by California Golden Blogs “This is gonna be so bad”.
College Football
Californa Golden Bears vs. Oregon Ducks

11. November 05:30 Uhr MEZ (Live on ESPN America), Memorial Stadium Berkerley/CA
For those of you who enjoy football history, back on November 20, 1982 fans at Cal’s Memorial Coliseum witnessed the most unusual football play ever. Today it is simply known as “The Play”. Here’s how it happened. With 53 seconds to play, and Cal leading 19-17, Stanford QB John Elway (Denver Broncos legend) faced 4th down and long. The video narrated by the radio announcer tells you the rest.
Before going I’d like to leave you with the pump-up video shown to the Oregon players prior to the game. Look for the Oregon O in the middle of the LA Coliseum. (My favorite part is … “Black Mamba, all the way home!”)
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